About Us

Boutique Spot On was set up by Yei Neka, who studied Fashion & Designing many years ago.  Her interest in designing and sewing started as a teenager and has enabled her to produce many garments, including a few wedding dresses, for many women over the years. Her desire is to offer high quality and affordable garments for women from the African/Caribbean background. This niche group have a culture of buying affordable tailor-made garments that gives them a comfortable fit.


Most women from this target or niche client group have body shapes that standard size dresses or garments do not easily fit. Because their bodies are shaped differently, they are always doing adjustments to the garments they buy from high street shops. Coming from that background, Yei understands all too well the challenges women face in finding appropriate garments for their special occasions. She hopes to meet that need by designing bespoke fashionable dresses, evening gowns, office and party wear, and garments for weddings and special celebrations.


Boutique Spot On will specifically be catering for ladies garments that cannot be easily found in high street shops. Garments will be designed to suit individual styles and taste, to enhance Beauty and Style. There will also be an attractive selection of beautiful tailor made garments that does not have to be at a premium price.


Boutique Spot On garments are designed for both comfort and suitability, not only to fit the body shapes of the niche group, but may also satisfy a wide range of costumer taste. They are Colourful, Bold, Stylish and Fashionable. Hence, even women not from the niche group can have the ‘Spot On Effect’, with garments from Boutique Spot On.